Advocating sustainability and the continuing movement towards healthier living, Be SEEDsational is a world-first, multilingual campaign that encourages people to grow their own herbs, fruits, vegetables, and seasonal plants while teaching us all to respect others who already do so.  Regardless of your age and background, you can be SEEDsational by addressing social issues, sharing your enthusiasm with friends, and sharing offers and knowledge amongst your community.  Join us on our quest for a flavourful and balanced lifestyle!

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Be SEEDsational Campaign

The Be SEEDsational Campaign incorporates innovative techniques to support businesses and fundraising efforts, connect with communities, and share knowledge, all with a focus on improving the health and wellbeing of Australians in an interactive, educational and entertaining way.

Seasonal Warriors Series

The graphic novel series follows the adventures of Yummie, Guardian of Seedarious, and his Seasonal Warriors.  The series provides a unique opportunity to start important conversations with children about taking care of their health and the planet.

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